TRADITION [testtube114]
All tracks composed and mixed by Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea.
Cover art by Sebastian Alvarez
«The collaborative nature of spanish composer Juan Antonio Nieto has taken him into different journeys. What happens when the continental drift process suffers inversion? The union of intangible terrains is becoming more clear each second. At this point, we know that language is truly unstable and absolutely turbulent. We would like to be in control and arrest this flux of events that surround us. Pangea's "Tradition" is an album humble enough to keep its language free and resonating without any familiar order. Its unexpected interventions always enter from different directions (South, North, East, and West) and keep you at the verge of a forgotten continent. A massive continent of sound once united when structures were inexistent.Pangea reminds you of those times before each of the component continents were separated into their current configuration. With astonishing sessions that go galaxies beyond free jazz improvisation, "Tradition" creates epic musical forms out of deeply explosive and gentle moments. If you allow it, these forms are capable to join disperse theories and hypothesis in the depths of your mind.»- Sebastian Alvarez
Nuevo disco de Pangea -Juan Antonio Nieto- para la compañía portuguesa Testtube.
Track list:
01. shamisen 8'19''
02. drift 7'09''
03. involute 2'27''
04. evolute 7'35''
05. tradition 2'56''