Classwar Karaoke 0011

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with all this lovely artists:
6 or 7, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Ambient Fabric, Ampersand, Anton Mobin, Aunt Benny, Autotistic, Ayato & Anton Mobin, Beentjes Donovan Johnco, Bryan Lewis Saunders and Audra Dawn Fleming, Chevo Légé, Collectif Sin, Connor Donovan Packer, Denis McCarty, EHEIM 1000.220 with PAS, Gurdonark, I'm Not Scared of Becky Taylor, Jonas Ruchenhever, Juan Antonio Nieto, Kalistongue, Lezet, MaCu, Noise Research, One Minute Wanda, Pythagora & Pilectro, Ruela Pinho, Sound Inhaler and Ericka Ryder, suRRism, Sweetie, The Thud Experiment, Tvlasunor, Zilmrah





71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD!!! compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Today I give this to the world so that you may enjoy the sounds of some of the worlds great netlabel artists that all work somewhere in the field of experimental music. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.

Take your own moment and meander through these tracks that have all been laboured with love!
All CD’s are burnable to fit on an audio CD.
You can download the singular tracks, the separate CD’s or for daredevils the full gigantic zip file.

CD5 – Art sounds

01 Dennis McCarty – Plays Saba taksim
02 Juan Antonio Nieto
03 Luis Antero – Alvoco Soundscapes One
04 jfox –
05 Paulo Chagas –
06 Philip Wilkerson – Four point two
07 Tensor Sensellation – Cryptococcus
08 Danadax – Schizoid
09 Ayato – Libra’s turning control
10 Medmud –
Bal impuls
11 Altocumulus –
Four days rain

CD5 zipfile including artwork (154 Mb)



Test. suRRism Phonoethics [0031]

suRRism Phonoethics
Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea

'once transmitted behind the time
wondering of notice takes care
besides the point to that past second
bath of her dressed in leather pockets
while stretching rubber snaps the uttered life

{back to transgression comfortably....'

-undRess Béton


Secret Communication

Secret Communication [mandorla 020]

Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea

Track list

1. Wetlands 5:52
2. A Critical Role 2:43
3. River Insects 4:49
4. Emotional Iron Sheets 8:07
5. Seashores 4:31
6. Nord Mist 9:12



indoor [ihab004]

impulsive habitat

Nuevo Ep de Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea para el netlabel Impulsive Habitat

Indoor originates from recordings done by the artist in his own house in Madrid where he performed percussive exercises with objects such as glasses, wood, paper, lamps, furniture and pretty much whatever he got his hands on; those objects were hit, rubbed, blowed, teared, scratched, stretched and through all kind of percussive processes. Those exercises are clearly influenced by Juan Antonio's background as a drummer/percussionist.

Juan Antonio recorded a total of five sessions and selected two and overlap them in layers giving them a brand new emotional sense. Finally he created a background based on field recordings of pouring rain over glass that he later manipulated creating an inmutable wall of sound.

We feel quite enthusiast and privileged to publish this release in a point where Juan Antonio's career is taking such an interesting turn.

Cover art by David Vélez

Impulsive Habitat is a division of Test Tube