Peak the Source Volume1-3 [suRRism-Phonoethics sPE_0100]


suRRism-Phonoethics proudly presents:
3 Volumes, 129 tracks!!!
(ALL APPEARANCES HAVE BEEN SHUFFLED into 3 Volumes) _blank, (D)(B)(H), 10Konekt, Ama, Andrew Howes, Anton Mobin, Apocalyptic Frequency Experience, Ben Presto, Berger Rond, Big Brother on Acid, Bonequi, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Carlos Ramirez, Catalyst Fantasy, Crank Sturgeon, Dada AG, Daniel Jeczalik, Darius Greene, DMAH, Dpress Hill, Dysmal Abyss, Earth Incubator, Ergo Phizmiz, Erick Diego, GoatCuntCult, God Pussy, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Hal McGee, Herr Penschuck, Hopek Quirin, Hyaena Fierling Reich, i AM esper, Ian Linter, Ideosynchronic, Imago Meccano, Inconnu Ictu, ION, Isak Anderssen, J Karl Bogartte & Jaan Patterson, Jack Hertz, Jared Balogh, Jean Montag, Jeff Gburek, Jeremy Gluck & Dave Fuglewicz, Johannes Bergmark, John 3:16, Jonas Ruchenhever, José Carlos Alonso Vazquez, Juan Antonio Nieto, John Clifford Rhody, Justin Lee Brown, K.O.B, Kalendar, Kommissar Hjuler, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau mit Jaan Patterson, Koobaatoo Asparagus, Kristus Kut, Krupnik, Kuuleminen Asiat, LARA a' Cappella, Lauris, Leif Elggren, Lezet, Ludo Mich, Luther Blissett, Lux P0g0, M.Mnomized, Macu, Matthew Sforcina, Mikhail Lezin, Mulinex, Murmurists, Mutant Beatniks, Mutate, Noise Research, noizeDemon, Nutrients, Olelé Brut, Ophir Ilzetzki, Otras Carpeta, Otto von Rhinau, Owl Brain Atlas, Pacific 231, PAS, Patrizia Oliva, Philippe Petit, Qkcofse, Radio Klebnikov, Rafal Iwanski, Ralf Rabendorn, Raymond Dijkstra, Reve Steich, Richard Lainhart, .RR, Runar Magnusson, Rune Martinsen, Sebastian Sighell, Seiei Jack, Sinus Buds, Spidey Agutter, Stalaktos, suRRism, Temple Music, Thamyris Jones & Jaan Patterson, The Curio Sideshow, The Distortion Mirrors, The Hare and The Moon, The Implicit Order, The Importance of Birds, The Noisettes, The Nothing Machine, The Panjandrum Of Quondam, Thee Virginal Brides, Thierry Tillier, Tobias Herzz Hallbauer, ToBo, Travis Johnson, Treillarmee, undRess Béton, Violence and the Sacred, Vladimír Hirsch, Wehwalt, Where Everything Falls Out, William Davison, Ymmv, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Zacarias Malden, Zilmrah Zreen Toyz.

Track 110, vol 3. Loophole by Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea


V. A. Electronic Musik Sampler

Electronic Musik Sampler [em135]
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This is a selection from the recent releases from Electronc Musik.

It does contain a new (March 2011) exclusive track from Noise Research. It's a radical reworking of the track '4th from the Left' which has now become 'Third from the Left'.

The music was chosen by selecting the thrid track from each respective release, hence all can be classed as 'track 3'. The sampler is a great example of the wonderful roster of artists on this label. My thanks to all of them

Includes the track shale from the album Texture and Granulation by Pangea.

Artists featured are: Thee Moths, Richard Knight, Noise Research, Mutate, Spectrox, Herve Perez, Graham Dunning, Diamond Family Archive, Ambient Fabric, Chris Whitehead, Piscis, Pesticide Organica, Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea, Weltausstellung, Richard Wilmer and Chris Lynn.

Cover art copyright Ian Simpson

Electronic Musik 2011