Sinapsis 0.1

Sinapsis 0.1

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We are glad to present “Sinapsis” the first compilation on Draining Beats on the Brain. An innovative solution for brain treatment using ultrasonic sounds. New artists and collaborations, experimenting with digital sounds, noise, improvisation and voices.

1. Began - Turner Moods
2. # 4 - Zanstones, Markus Breuss and Tsukiko Amakawa
3. High C dirty picture - Dirty Mousta_h
4. Lost on the road - DAFX
5. Severes discipline - R4
6. Detuned protophasis - Ayankoko!!!
7. Dripinng - Pangea
8. Igloo - Xave...the whales!!!
9. Nubes de Gavagai - En busca del pasto (AraguaneyLeaf remix)
10. Miedo - Deformister
11. Sunshine Reverse - AraguaneyLeaf
12. O fim do mundo - Aglezca

License: C. Commons & CopyLeft
Produced by Another Brothers
Compilation between January and February 2009.
Artwok by A.L.


Abrasive Soul

Abrasive soul [ca220 ]

clinical archives
pangea myspace

Abrasive Soul is an album consists of two long themes of abstract music, full of harsh sounds, broken structures and subliminal drones, trated in a manner decidedly narcotic.
Second release in the russian netlabel Cinical Archives, the first one Metal Machine Muzak [ca27] out in 2007. Clinical Archives is an independent netlabel for illogical music. All those works are releases for free under Creative Commons Licences.

Abrasive soul es el segundo disco de Pangea para la compañía rusa Clinical Archives, dos temas de música abstracta decididamente narcótica.

1. Trash 10'01''
2. Florescence 20'37''