71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD!!! compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Today I give this to the world so that you may enjoy the sounds of some of the worlds great netlabel artists that all work somewhere in the field of experimental music. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.

Take your own moment and meander through these tracks that have all been laboured with love!
All CD’s are burnable to fit on an audio CD.
You can download the singular tracks, the separate CD’s or for daredevils the full gigantic zip file.

CD5 – Art sounds

01 Dennis McCarty – Plays Saba taksim
02 Juan Antonio Nieto
03 Luis Antero – Alvoco Soundscapes One
04 jfox –
05 Paulo Chagas –
06 Philip Wilkerson – Four point two
07 Tensor Sensellation – Cryptococcus
08 Danadax – Schizoid
09 Ayato – Libra’s turning control
10 Medmud –
Bal impuls
11 Altocumulus –
Four days rain

CD5 zipfile including artwork (154 Mb)