no-R-mal [JNN050]

Just not Normal Netlabel


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Celebrating the 50th release on JNN Mark Stolk has invited some of the best (netlabel)artists from around the globe to join this massive compilation album.

In total 52 artists joined to create the finest in what is available in experimental music these days. Much of what you hear is unreleased work with the exception of a handful. These tracks have been carefully mastered and put together to present to you a 4 CD epic journey into sound. Together with the artwork the puzzle lies ahead to find out what exactly is ‘normal’.
A tip of the veil; … there is no one answer. What one considers normal another may disagree on with totally different standards.

Or in short; we are all just not normal and we all are!

no R mal!

CD-2 Track list

01 Bogdan Dullsky – KZ Mauthausen Der Schornstein
02 Tim Walters – Termite College
03 Altocumulus – Spring song
04 Mind6Spiral – Angels
05 Pangea – A massive hit
06 D’incise – Bestioles
07 Phillip Wilkerson – An anomalous deviation
08 Gregory Conte – Deep blue
09 Kendall Station – Alto’s breakfast
10 Dzlav – Unstable star 0.25
11 8m2stereo – Mon
12 Susan Matthews – Babies in my dream
13 Djet – NS (instrumental)

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