Divisions of space

Divisions of space [EXP052]

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New EP by Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea on Experimedia.
Most of the sounds that form Divisions of Space are part of the conversation that different percussive timbres (metal, plastic, wood) keep each other moving in constant motion the entire theme. The extreme manipulation of these elements transform the clean percussion in something diferent using chambers slowed in dark, unsettling drones and dramatic subwoofer effects. The Division of Space slight underground melodies endow a strange aerial feeling. At the end of the track, the human voice brings us back to earth. BIO: Pangea is the project of avant-garde music of the spanish musician Juan Antonio Nieto. Pangea experiments with harsh sounds, with them he creates rich textures in shades wrapped in hypnotic atmospheres. "The main idea in my music is about the power of evocative sounds outside the usual elements in most of the musical compositions such as the pace or melody, different timbres are to sustain themselves and will be the relationship between them that the dowry of excitement
to work looking at the listener a complicity with the sounds that make up the membership, these sounds harsh, even irritating in themselves, acquire a totally different dimension in combination with each other."