indoor [ihab004]

impulsive habitat

Nuevo Ep de Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea para el netlabel Impulsive Habitat

Indoor originates from recordings done by the artist in his own house in Madrid where he performed percussive exercises with objects such as glasses, wood, paper, lamps, furniture and pretty much whatever he got his hands on; those objects were hit, rubbed, blowed, teared, scratched, stretched and through all kind of percussive processes. Those exercises are clearly influenced by Juan Antonio's background as a drummer/percussionist.

Juan Antonio recorded a total of five sessions and selected two and overlap them in layers giving them a brand new emotional sense. Finally he created a background based on field recordings of pouring rain over glass that he later manipulated creating an inmutable wall of sound.

We feel quite enthusiast and privileged to publish this release in a point where Juan Antonio's career is taking such an interesting turn.

Cover art by David Vélez

Impulsive Habitat is a division of Test Tube