Juan Antonio Nieto - Big Mistake - Surrism Phonoethics

Juan Antonio Nieto - ‘Big Mistake’  [sPE0202]
1. Entre Acte | 2:21
2. A Mesh You Are In | 4:24
3. Rush | 3:18
4. Drifting And Dreaming | 5:08
5. Result | 6:13
6. Broken Hard | 3:28
7. Going Down | 2:55
Cover Artwork by Jaan Patterson
Released by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0202)
"The collapse of hearts, lungs and interferences is a usual and common explanation, but we have to assure you that widely held propositions of individual articles claim the string of ties. Basically the observation of uncertainty in a very constrained way affects our daily lives. How sufficient it may be, this only manifests “carefully” a deadly model against the application of life, specifically towards the unknown, the unconscious and finally keeping the marvellous outside the realm of chances. We have developed equations that emphasise this principle of matter. At this point I won’t trigger these into chars, as it would remain obsolete trying to understand these proportions of awareness we speak about." -Jaan Patterson