Litium [at044]

Juan Antonio Nieto

Litium is the 2011 first release by Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea, the three first tracks are hard concrete music with all kinds of percussive home items and some beautiful cold and misterious drones, it's the way that he used in his last albums and live concerts, the last one is a 27 minutes track, is a changing drone inprovisation, it goes from a smooth a gentle feeling to an electronic storm of reverberations and metalic tense noises. Please be patient enough and enjoy.

Audiotalaia Netlabel is a project founded by Edu Comelles with the aim to release the work from artists all over the world. They seek for proposals in experimental sound composition, ambient music, field recordings and soundscapism.
Photo on cover by Almudena Villar
Licenced under Creative Commons