ToBe Continued... Music marathon march 24th


ToBe Continued, the 24-hours-long music marathon organized by the Global Health Incubator of Topolò and Stazione di Topolò. Listen to it in live streaming on www.stazioneditopolo.it Monday March 24th from 00.00 CET

I'm going to play a 30' improvisation at 8:30 CET

ToBe Continued is an original concert lasting 24 hours (from 00.00 hours to the midnight of March 24th), during which musicians from many parts of the World connect to this website and broadcast live their concerts. Each musician plays for 30 minutes. Anybody can listen to ToBeContinued…, as long as an internet connection is available, by hitting PLAY button above (now disabled). There also are several public listening points (bars, libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, shops, all listed on the website) that forward the concert marathon.


{Mandorla Netlabel 030 / Mandorla Autumn Soundscapes Vol.2}

A digital compilation focused on different approaches to field recordings and soundscapes composition, including my track Pool.
Compilation by Manrico Montero.
Art cover by John Hudak