V. A. Electronic Musik Sampler

Electronic Musik Sampler [em135]
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This is a selection from the recent releases from Electronc Musik.

It does contain a new (March 2011) exclusive track from Noise Research. It's a radical reworking of the track '4th from the Left' which has now become 'Third from the Left'.

The music was chosen by selecting the thrid track from each respective release, hence all can be classed as 'track 3'. The sampler is a great example of the wonderful roster of artists on this label. My thanks to all of them

Includes the track shale from the album Texture and Granulation by Pangea.

Artists featured are: Thee Moths, Richard Knight, Noise Research, Mutate, Spectrox, Herve Perez, Graham Dunning, Diamond Family Archive, Ambient Fabric, Chris Whitehead, Piscis, Pesticide Organica, Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea, Weltausstellung, Richard Wilmer and Chris Lynn.

Cover art copyright Ian Simpson

Electronic Musik 2011