This episode of Monographic series arrives to feature the work of the Sweden based netlabel Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms.
Passed the 30th release up to date, the netlabel phillosophy emphasizes its DIY infraestructure, and proudly runs with free software and services, and as a consecuence of this free culture statement doesnt want to be considered as an ordinary label. Its curator, Markus Åberg , has kindly agreed and contributed with this mesmerizing symphony of sounds.
“Two left hands on two right arms” is a small nonprofit netlabel with a base in Sweden (Gävle). Our aim is to release good independent music for free. We release what we like, and mostly that means music labeled as ambient, avantgarde, electroacoustic, industrial, dark ambient, and similar sub-genres, but we are open minded to other musically expressions.
The track Mil Pulsos composed by Leo Alvés and Pangea is mixed in this monographic.
For this Monographic episode, Marcos Bernabe, curator of tecnonucleo.org has composed a colourful amalgam of the most diverse sounds. Maybe this wide conception comes form the also worldwide collaborator staff coming from Spain, Norway, Israel, Russia, Lithuania, Mexico, Sweden, Austria or Germany for example.
[TN] is a non profit netlabel specialises in Experimental Electronic Music, focused on the expression of new musical concepts, from glitchy to field recording, which includes noise, stochastic synthesis, drone, minimalist, microsounds, music concrete. [TN] is also an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism of emerging sound languages and sound art for the information & interaction of the public and artists alike.
The track Estados Alterados composed by Pangea (Juan Antonio Nieto) is mixed in this monographic.