Tori no Kaigi [san] TOC094

Tori no Kaigi is a compilation released on famous label Trente oiseaux presenting a selection of contemporary electro-acoustic and improvised music in four parts. The music for Kaigi no Tori was created by fine artists from all over the world. Tori no Kaigi consists of four individuals albums and 44 pages pdf booklet. Artists included, [ichi] Fergus Kelly, Dunlope Highflex, SAP(e) with Bernhard Günter, [ni] Gary Smith, 12 dog cycle, 4 + 1, [san] Pierre Gérard, Steve Roden, Manrico Montero, Juan Antonio Nieto (Pangea), Tarab, [yon] Simon Whetman, Lethe/Kuwayama Kiyoharu, Luigi Turra, Carlos Suárez, Ubeboet.

Tori no Kaigi [san] track list:

1. Pierre Gérard – l'absence 15:41
2. Steve Roden – falling spinning fading 5:19
3. Manrico Montero – Confluences 10:05
4. Pangea – Refraction 11:43
5. Tarab – Untitled 13 9:18

Cover and photo by Bernhard Günter