VVAA Always Outside Charles Antony and The Outsiders


Released April 2nd 2017 on Plus Timbre

Charles Antony : poetry and voice 
Mauro Sambo : electronics, double bass on Caravan 
Paulo Chagas : oboe, monochord on Fearing the Rainbow 
Rogelio Nobara : pre-hispanic whistle for funeral, field recording and electric guitar on Going Home 
Juan Antonio Nieto : electronics on Orpheus (Eurydice’s Lament) 
Matthias Boss : violin on Change 
Jeff Gburek : no-input mixing board, objects on Pipes 
.zigo : field recordings and electronics on The Silver Dreamers 
Jose Guillén : piano, sinthesizer and electronics on Children of the Mist 
Atilio Doreste : field recordings, radio emission on Sunflowers 
A.L. Guillén : field recordings, acoustic guitar on Driftwood 
José Soberanes : electronics (modular synth) and field recordings on Bees 
PCCL : virtual synthesizers, melodica, acoustic guitar and processed objects on A Rose in a Teacup 
Javier Piñango : synthesizer (korg ms-20) and effects on Mapping the Stars 
Stefan Schmidt : digital manipulation of the original voice recording on He Lied 
Pablo Reche : electronics on The Folding of the Flag 
David Vélez : music on Apples